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Fotolia_68939174_XS.jpg (wine corks): © Constantinos – Fotolia
Fotolia_61714516_XS.jpg (Refreshring White Wine in a Glass): © Brent Hofacker – Fotolia
Fotolia_60541982_XS.jpg (Fine table setting at home): © fym1321 – Fotolia
Fotolia_51999359_XS.jpg (White wine, watercolor, clip art): © retrostar – Fotolia
Fotolia_71430196_XS.jpg (Weingarten 47): © hofi777 – Fotolia
Fotolia_57263725_XS.jpg (Water drops on car paint with red leaf): © trendobjects – Fotolia
Fotolia_67860691_XS.jpg (wine rack): © alexzaitsev – Fotolia
Fotolia_52180273_XS.jpg (lavender fields with vineyards, Rhone-Alpes, France): © – Fotolia
Fotolia_46899756_XS.jpg (Beilagen): © Doris Heinrichs – Fotolia
Fotolia_41730899_XS.jpg (flammendes Inferno): © Mike Richter – Fotolia
Fotolia_73248811_XS-jpg (Altes Telefon): © RRF – Fotolia
Fotolia_50366227_XS.jpg (Weinflaschen): © Markus Mainka – Fotolia
Fotolia_62500598_XS.jpg (redwine, watercolor, clip art): © retrostar -Fotolia
Fotolia_67671_XS.jpg (terasse,redwine,herbes):©studia-Fotolia
Fotolia_59014_XS.jpg (spices in small plates):©andriigorulho-Fotolia
Fotolia_71999572_XS-jpg (verre de vin): ©agaitsgori-Fotolia
Fotolia_73578608_XS.jpg (food background with seafood and wine) ©Natalia Klenova-Fotolia
Fotolia_88983351_XS.jpg (pouring red wine into glass against wooden background)© Jeka84-Fotolia
Fotolia_88565681_XS.jpg (Gewürze in Holzkasten) ©PhotoSG-Fotolia
Fotolia_99679370_XS.jpg (Holzlöffel Banner lang) ©sonne_fleckl -Fotolia
Fotolia_72149536_XS.jpg(Metaphorical Music) © agsandrew – Fotolia
Fotolia_84730782_XS.jpg (wine) ©magdad3na – Fotolia
Fotolia_52739231_XS.jpg (empty glasses set in restaurant) ©Andrew Bayda – Fotolia
Fotolia_49148176_XS.jpg. (Klosteransicht, Kreuzgewölbe) © bARTilo- Fotolia
Fotolia_32106034_XS.jpg (Zwei Gläser Weißwein) © Jeanette Diehl – Fotolia
Fotolia_88854798_XS.jpg (Glas Rotwein mit Aussicht) © Dr. Dieter Simon-Fotolia
Fotolia_123016743_XS.jpg (cooking pot, forest mushrooms and cooking ingredients) © VICUSHKA – Fotolia
Fotolia_95822496_XS.jpg (clos bourgignon) © Elenore H.-Fotolia
Fotolia_51999336_XS.jpg (wine bottle and glasses) © retrostar-Fotolia
Fotolia_105356227_XS.jpg (Sektglas 1403a) © Fiedels-Fotolia
Fotolia_82376462_XS.jpg (wine) © Stillhost.Fotolia
Fotolia_86038887_XS.jpg (nobile) © K.-U. Häßler.Fotolia
Fotolia_63165080_XS.jpg (wine glass in a raw) © PRILL Mediendesign.Fotolia
Fotolia_115422793_XS.jpg (cooking) © VICUSCHKA.Fotolia
Fotolia_112408615_XS.jpg (romantic dinner with wine) © Alexander Raths.Fotolia
Fotolia_127893137_S.jpg (red wine splasch) © okea.Fotolia
Fotolia_79222521_XS.jpg (red wine) © Igor Normann.Fotolia
Fotolia_100894678_XS.jpg (different kind of cheese) © pinky one.Fotolia
Fotolia_138521711_XS.jpg (red wine and chocolate truffles) © Africa Studios.Fotolia
Fotolia_61626217_XS.jpg (wine. Vector) © adamsyuker.Fotolia
Fotolia_123140827_XS.jpg (Tarzan swinging on vines) © vectorpocket.Fotolia
Fotolia_125483990_XS.jpg (women with wine.Vector) © Pavel.A.Fotolia
Fotolia_133958037_XS.jpg (wine and tulips) © Emilian.Fotolia
Fotolia_100442898_XS.jpg (Christliche Symbole) © ChristArt.Fotolia
Fotolia_141819147_XS.jpg (many glasses of rose wine at wine tasting) © Ekaterina_Molchanova.Fotolia
Fotolia_164837281_XS.jpg (two glasses of wine in sunshine) © dashabelozerova.Fotolia
Fotolia_163159924_XS.jpg (playing guitar on watercolor background) © Punnarong.Fotolia
Fotolia_162818172_XS.jpg (wine cork in bottle and corkscrew slurry black ground) © zozzzzo.Fotolia
Fotolia_110420060_XS.jpg (bouteille de vin rouge avec un tire-toucho) © lefebvre_jonathan.Fotolia
Fotolia_115771801_XS.jpg (red wine on black background) © Igor Norman.Fotolia
Fotolia_83433508_XS.jpg (Virtual Music) © agsandrew.Fotolia
Fotolia_127316489_XS.jpg (Weihnachten, Weingläser mit Weihnachtskugeln) © dmedesign.Fotolia
Fotolia_581756868_XS.jpg (Festlich gedeckter Tisch zur Weihnachtszeit) © Visions-AD.Fotolia
Fotolia_170422791_XS.jpg (Weißwein mit Trauben) © by-studio.Fotolia
Fotolia_30953878_XS.jpg (firefist against icefist) © YariK.Fotolia
Fotolia_162936489_XS.jpg (a glass of wine against blue sky) © jollier_.Fotolia
Fotolia_145228782_XS.jpg (Spargel und Wein) © eliasbilly.Fotolia
Fotolia_104909558_XS.jpg (Weisser Spargel geschält) © harepa.Fotolia
Fotolia_118822022_XS.jpg (Weißer Spargel auf Teller) © HLPhoto.Fotolia
Fotolia_202205450_XS.jpg (bunch fresh asparagus) © SG-design.Fotolia
Fotolia_69627342_XS.jpg (Weißwein) © eliasbilly.Fotolia
Fotolia_47295003_XS.jpg (Zwei Weingläser) © fotoart111.Fotolia
Fotolia_145805093_XS.jpg (small sea stones) © Kateryner.Fotolia
istockphoto_91243733_essential.jpg (Composition with wine) © Gigava.istockphoto
istockphoto_99604923_essential.jpg (red wine glass) © UMB-O.istockphoto
istockphoto_45254550_essential.jpg (Glass of red wind and Christmas) © Dasha Rebenko.istockphoto
istockphoto_17830199_essential.jpg (Christmas Decoratin) © Melinda Nagy.istockphoto
istockphoto_823479906_essential.jpg (wine cork in bottle with corkscrew) © zozzzzo.istockphoto
istockphoto_908745606_essential.jpg (wine tasting concept) © a_namenko.istockphoto
istockphoto_951595886_essential.jpg (black wine bottle on white background with shadow) © kostsov.istockphoto
istockphoto_1054905888_essential.jpg (Flat.lay of red, rose and white wine in glasses and corkscrew horizontal composition) © Foxys_forest:Manufacture.istockphoto
istockphoto_1058793898_essential.jpg (Flat-lay of red, rose and white wine in glasses and corkscrew top view) © Foxys_forest:Manufacture.istockphoto
istockphoto_1076625908_essential.jpg (male sommelier holds bakal with red elite wine in hand) © IL21.istockphoto
istockphoto_1091706470_essential.jpg (glass of expensive red wine on light background) © beldenoch.istockphoto
stock.adobe_233196042_XS.jpg (many glasses of rose wine at wine tasting) © Ekaterina_Molchanova.stock.adobe
istockphoto__807376156_essential.jpg (glas bottles of red wine and corks on wooden rustic stump) © geekophotos.istockphoto
istockphoto_1191454646_essential.jpg (Multicolored bright corks from wine bottles on a wooden table isolated on a wooden table isolated on a white background) © yvabota
AdobeStock_667089553_Small_ Spargel und Wein © eliasbilly